Netwebsale - Money stolen from me for nothing.

Grants Pass, Oregon 0 comments
Not resolved stole $66.74, on 09/09/11 from me for a three year extension of my Microsoft Programs for three years.They did not furnish anything.

I request termination of with extreme prejudice immediately after return of my money.

This is the only information I have or can get, except that my bank refuses to give me back the money stolen from me, but my other bank did for money stolen from me w/o deceptiom.

They just stole £350.00 from by bank account without deceiving me with any pretext at all.Sic transit gloria mundi.

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Netwebsale - Movies to download

New England, North Dakota 0 comments

I also was misinformed about this website while googling to find a site to download movies and ended up with a download of something similar to media play or i-tunes which gives you a search for movies to download elsewhere.Then they were deceitful saying the price was half the price for 3 yrs, but charged me $32.95 plus another .99 transaction because of being overseas they did not mention.

I will have to keep an eye out.

I feel i am being scammed and will try to get my money back.Pretty pissed off too.

Anyone else scammed?

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NETWEBSALE, isn't live TV as advertised!

Wamego, Kansas 1 comment
Not resolved

Last night I went online to see what my options were to watch Kansas Sate play Utah in the first round of the NCAA tourney. I found a site that offer"live" coverage of the game on "Tru-TV". After paying $39 with my credit card I received confimation that my transaction went through and I could now watch the programming I wanted.

However the coverage was far from live, as I watched updates on my TV I realized that what I had playing on my computor was about 5-7 minutes behind. This was due to the fact that coverage was in and out having to sit for 2-3 minutes while it waited to come through.

I would have chaulked this up as a slow connection or something like that, but I have done other live feeds without this issue before and expected to get the same service.

I do NOT recomend this service to anyone as it is not worth the money, I am trying to get my money back, we'll see.

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I attempted to download a movie from but my anti-virus program stopped it after dectecting a virus. I started it again but the same thing happened. Finally I stopped trying to download the movie and contacted for a credit refumd.

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