Show stole $66.74, on 09/09/11 from me for a three year extension of my Microsoft Programs for three years. They did not furnish anything. I request termination of with extreme prejudice immediately after return of my money. This is the only...
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I also was misinformed about this website while googling to find a site to download movies and ended up with a download of something similar to media play or i-tunes which gives you a search for movies to download elsewhere. Then they were deceitful saying the price...
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Last night I went online to see what my options were to watch Kansas Sate play Utah in the first round of the NCAA tourney. I found a site that offer"live" coverage of the game on "Tru-TV". After paying $39 with my credit card I received confimation that my...
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Franklin Rudolph

I attempted to download a movie from but my anti-virus program stopped it after dectecting a virus. I started it again but the same thing happened. Finally I st...

Wamego, Kansas
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